Find in this section the main questions you may ask about Dirby services. If you cannot find your answers here, do not hesitate to use the contact form.

Why trust us ?

Dirby is a web platform that offers a set of services relating to baggage handling.
Our goal is to be able to meet the needs of our travelers and free them from the stress of their luggage.
Dirby is:
more than 80,000 bags handled per year
+ a predominant presence at the most important French airports (CDG, ORLY and LYON)
+ 60 partner airlines
5+ years of field service experience

How is the search and delivery of my forgotten items on board?

Dirby collects and inventories items left on board by airport staff and found on the planes of partner airlines.
Our application establishes an automatic concordance between the loss declaration and the inventory of the object.
This match is then validated by a processing operator. A validation email is then sent to you. You may be contacted by telephone or email for additional information deemed necessary to establish a match.
Once your item has been found by our operators and validated by you, we will send you a payment link in order to organize delivery of your item by Chronopost. We will send you the online tracking number of your shipment.

How secure is my luggage during delivery?

Your luggage is in good hands!
Dirby ensures a reliable and secure end-to-end logistics chain to guarantee the flawless integrity of your luggage and personal effects.
Luggage is strapped upon collection and throughout the transfer.
Luggage lockers are secure thanks to a video surveillance system.

What type of baggage or object can I carry?

Dirby accepts any luggage size.
However, the prices announced only include the carriage of “classic” baggage, namely:
Cabin baggage of 10 kg and hold of maximum 23 kg per unit, which does not exceed 90 cm.
For any other baggage or non-standard object (golf club, surfboard, diving equipment, bicycle, etc.) are subject to special pricing. We invite you to request a quote from our advisors.

Customs, Taxes and Regulatory Compliance: What Should I Do?

Handling your baggage from the airport to your delivery address requires acceptance and signing of a customs release (télécharger) so that we can complete customs clearance on your behalf.
In the event of an inspection of the baggage, it will be subjected to RX and possibly opened by the State services.
In order to allow baggage to be checked for any doubts, it is recommended that you be contactable in order to exchange the access codes to your baggage.
In the event of forced opening of the closure system, which could result in breakage of the clasp, Dirby cannot be held responsible.

What can I pack in my luggage?

In order to travel and be handled by your carrier, your baggage must comply with the regulations in terms of dangerous goods, as well as the transport conditions of French customs.
Certain objects or materials are prohibited on board aircraft, others subject to regulations.
Which ones can you take on board? In the cabin? In the hold? Do you need prior approval?
Our lists, although not exhaustive, are here to help you:

For an exhaustive list, we invite you to inquire with French customs on their website: www.douane.gouv.fr

Make sure you respect the charter for the transport of dangerous goods (or TDG) which is based on various international regulations(1) such as the ADR(2) (Agreement for the transport of dangerous goods by road) for road transport , ICAO(3) (International Civil Aviation Organization) or IATA(4) (International Air Transport Association) for air transport.

Beyond international regulations, carriers also have their own restrictions. These lists of prohibited goods can be consulted in their General Terms and Conditions.

How far in advance can I book the delivery service?

On your arrival, you can find our agencies in the baggage delivery room of Paris Charles de Gaulle airports, Terminal 1 and 3, Paris ORLY, terminal 4, 3 and 1 as well only at LYON terminal 1.
Drop your luggage with our agents and contract the service on site.
Your luggage will be delivered to you by one of our agents, at a time that suits you, and to the location of your choice: at your home, at the office , at the hotel…

How do I change or cancel my delivery reservation?

You can change your trip up to 12:00 before the scheduled collection time, by contacting our customer relations center on customercare@dirby.fr You can cancel your reservation, free of charge, up to 24 hours before the scheduled collection time.

What does the price include?

Price includes:

  • Collection of your baggage at the baggage claim or at your home/hotel or other meeting place
  • Security: strapping the baggage to ensure its integrity during the transfer
  • The locker: The secure locker under video surveillance of your belongings during the transfer.
  • Delivery logistics: transport and delivery of your luggage to the meeting point
    Order a delivery!

Can someone else collect my baggage for me?

At the delivery address, anyone can sign to receive your baggage.
The concierge, work colleagues, family members or friends may all be assigned to receive your luggage.
You will be asked for the contact details of the person responsible for collecting your luggage. An identity document will be required as well as a release from you.

What happens if I miss the delivery person?

PLEASE NOTE, you must remain reachable at all times on the local telephone number provided when booking.

If the delivery schedule is not respected due to the delivery person (delay due to traffic, vehicle breakdown, etc.) our customer service will reschedule an appointment with you as quickly as possible to deliver to you.

We do everything we can on a daily basis to deliver within the announced deadlines, so in the event of a delay, reimbursement of costs is not provided.
If the appointment time is not respected by you, a new appointment is organized with the delivery person. Additional costs may be required depending on the new delivery methods required.

What happens if the luggage is damaged?

Your baggage is checked at the same time as the baggage is picked up by our delivery people. Photos may be taken.
In the event of damage proven upon the arrival of your flight, you have up to 7 days to file a damage report with your airline.</ p>

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