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Dedicated to aviation professionals (airport, assistant, or airline), Dirby operates a range of services both in airports and remotely from its customer service platform.

Dirby stands out for its tailor-made service with dedicated staff, recruited and managed to meet the high quality standards of your brand.

Our core business is customer service. Our expertise lies in the LUGGAGE SERVICE and related services professions. You can also ask us for your other personnel set-up services.

Our baggage services


Report a baggage delay or damage. Agencies equipped with 100% digital kiosks linked to Worldtracer to meet the needs of passengers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

incident Handling

Global management of your stopover disputes. Manage all badly handled luggage (from LL to LZ) with mobile tools for handling rushes, deliveries, etc.

and replacement

We provide replacement of damaged baggage directly at the airport with an inventory that is always available. Our repairer can also provide minor repairs.

Item forgotten
on board

Look for your forgetfulness on board. Declare your forgetfulness on board the aircraft and our intelligent system will confirm receipt.


Customer relations service 7 days a week. For the follow-up of ongoing cases and information for passengers.

Delivery of your
mishandling luggage

We deliver your misguided luggage. Delivery service via Worldtracer tracking app to manage any type of delivery.

Our agencies
/ Airport and city center

Dirby manages your baggage services both in the agency in the arrivals lounges of airports and in deportation from our delocalized platforms.

Our modern and friendly agencies aim to make life easier for travelers with their luggage and to take care of any problems encountered (loss, damage, etc.)

Others services


Passenger check-in IN and OFF airport

During a stopover or remote service at the passenger’s home, our teams carry out the check-in formalities.


Customer relationship center

We manage our own customer relations teams who ensure a constant link with passengers in the event of after-sales service.



The management of VIP lounges, the escort of your VIP passengers or the concierge service, our teams meet the requirements and protocol of this field.



We guarantee the management of your ticket sales areas, surpluses and ensure passenger re-protection thanks to a network of partners.

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